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Dr. Lily Lo has several hobbies aside from gardening, they include painting, reading, tennis, travelling, decorating and growing rare orchids a hobby that requires patience and dedication.

Her dedication to dentistry especially cosmetic dentistry is phenomenal. With her keen eye and artistic abilities she creates smiles that are best described in one word "perfect".

Dr. Lily Lo Toronto and Richmond Hill Dental Office

You have seen her gardens, and probably viewed her beautifully designed spas and dental offices. Dr. Lily Lo is organized, structured and is passionate about her cosmetic procedures.

In order to achieve the look you have always wanted and reverse the aging process call 416.444.9045 today.

Dr. Lily Lo is conveniently located in Toronto, Ontario and has a dental office in Richmond Hill, Ontario. To view before and after pictures of cosmetic procedures please click on the link below:

Smiles Toronto

Dr. Lily Lo practices in Toronto, Ontario. MD Laser Skin is situated in the same builidng at 1200 Lawrence Avenue East, Toronto, Ontario. The image below features MD Laser Skin on the left and Dr. Lily Lo's Toronto dental practice on the right.

Dr. Lily Lo Toronto and MD Laser Skin Toronto

For Injectable Filler, Restylane, Perlane, and Laser Hair Removal, please click on the link below:

MD Laser Skin

To Request an Appointment online please click on the link below:

Request An Appointment

Dr. Lily Lo has a new office in Richmond Hill which is depicted in the image below. 16th Avenue Dental is located at 16 Vogell Road in Richmond Hill.

Dr. Lily Lo Toronto and Richmond Hill Dental Office

Call today for an appointment with Dr. Lily Lo in her wonderful dental spa also featuring laser hair removal, facials, skin treatments and cosmetic procedures. The telephone number is: 905-883-8893.

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