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Hello my name is Susan. The cute little tabby is Oscar! This site is devoted to gardening. Every garden can evoke passion, excitement and joy. Becoming an avid gardener is a hobby enjoyed throughout a lifetime. Of course there is the trial and error period that all gardeners face. It is a challenge and a true labour of love.

When meticulously tended, every corner is a harmony of texture and balance. Hopefully my experiences can assist you in planning, choosing and cultivating your gardens. The items suggested are extremely hardy, withstand cold winters, provide excellent colour, maintain their shape and are the best plants to begin a garden. Some perennials, shrubs and trees demand special attention however I state their requirements. Susan's Garden Patch provides gardening assistance for beginners as well as seasoned gardeners.

Please Click Here to visit gardening pictures for 2016.

Susan and Oscar and Gardens

Osgoode Hall is a Toronto landmark and the hub of legal life in Ontario for more than 170 years. The historic background, architectural highlights, and the Great Library touted as the most beautiful room in Canada make this site worth visiting. Please Click Here to visit Osgoode Hall.

A new feature on the site is dedicated to Bengals. My Bengal Cat Lucy Law has provided such joy and is a loving addition to the family. Please Click Here to visit my page devoted to Bengal Cats.
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